Inside Network Marketing

An Expert's View into the
Hidden Truths and Exploited Myths
of America's Most Misunderstood Industry!

Revised and Updated 2nd Edition - Over 200 Additional Pages!
Now a downloadable eBook!

This is like NO other book about MLM you've ever read!

If you're thinking about becoming one of the 7.3 million people now involved in network marketing, you may be frustrated by the surprising lack of reliable information available on MLM! With this eye-opening insider's account, you'll understand both the immense potential of this exciting industry and it's vulnerability to exploitation and abuse.

In this lively and entertaining book, MLM expert Len Clements shows you:

  • How compensation plans really work - All the insider tricks and gimmicks exposed!

  • Surprising facts and myths about network marketing.

  • Why MLM is so maligned by the media (it's not why you think!).

  • The true state of the industry in America today.

  • Cutting-edge methods for increasing your recruiting and sales numbers.

You will NOT find this information in any training video or opportunity meeting. Inside Network Marketing is a fascinating, sometimes infuriating, yet always educational journey through America's most misunderstood industry.

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