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  It's Time ... For Network MarketingIt's Time ... For Network Marketing
It's time for a hip, hot, knock-out book about how great network marketing is. A book that blows the lid off... sets the record straight... tells the true story... No BS. No hype. Passionate. Exciting. As relevant for anyone new to the business as those who've been here four-or-forty years... and perfect for all your prospects.

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Podcast Library

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Date Guest Main Topics Length
8/16/2009 Len Clements
Global Verge, iJango, eFusjon, Mandura, YTB Travel, XanGo, Category Creators 1:43
8/11/2009 Len Clements
Inside Network Marketing seminar, Global Verge 1:29
7/18/2009 Len Clements
Global Verge/Buzzirk Mobile. 1:18
6/25/2009 Len Clements
Global Verge/Buzzirk Mobile, YTB Travel, MLM Mockumentaries, FTC Biz Opp Rule hearing, Chews4Health. 1:29
6/3/2009 Randy Gage Training, industry trends, and the "Generic MLM trainer" black list. 1:20
5/31/2009 Len Clements
YTB Travel, sublinguals (Enlyten, AliveMax, Cyberwize, Chews4Health, Trivita), CNI, Asante, Robert Tilton, Andrew Cass, My Music Ticket, Scam School, Rhonda Abrams. 1:25
5/4/2009 Len Clements
MLM Grapevine, Ideal Health, Trump Network, LifeVantage, Legacy for Life, Usana, Nutrient Sprays, Cyberwize, BBB Ratings, Ann Sieg, Andrew Cass, Wealth Masters. 1:40
3/25/2009 Len Clements
Ted Lindauer, YTB Travel, Jeff Babaner, Stuart Finger (ITI), Watkins, Donald Trump, Ideal Health, BASE105, Zrii, LifeVantage, XanGo, Economy, BBB, MLM "Records" & stats. 1:18
3/6/2009 MLM Attorney
Thayer Lindauer
MLM Legal Issues (Part 2) 0:55
3/5/2009 MLM Attorney
Thayer Lindauer
MLM Legal Issues (Part 1) 1:14
2/21/2009 Len Clements
Ted Lindauer, Shaklee, BASE105, MLM Ignorance & Bigotry (WordPress, Craigslist, PayPal, etc.), Multivitamin study, Greg Caton, Kevin Trudeau, Usana, Zrii, Barry Minkow. 1:05
2/8/2009 Len Clements
Zrii, YTB Travel, Kinoki Foot Pads, Sunshine Empire, Lightyear Network Solutions, Verizon, PayPal, LinkedIn, eBay, Facebook. 1:15


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