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By using the power of Multiple-Layer Direct To Consumer Referral Marketing, you can earn BIG MONEY by sitting back and doing nothing while thousands of other people do all the work for you! They do all the selling and recruiting of new distributors, and YOU CASH THE CHECKS!

And no, this is NOT Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing! Our system pays commissions the same as MLM and we market our products the same as MLM and we have multiple levels of distributors who are marketing just like MLM -- but we've changed the name to Multiple-Layer Direct To Consumer Referral Marketing -- so this is NOT MLM!

And FreeLunch International's MLDTCRM plan is so easy!!! All you have to do is just get only 10 people that also want to be a gazillionaire who know ten others who have the same desire and look what happens...

Level 1 10
Level 2 100
Level 3 1,000
Level 4 10,000
Level 5 100,000
Level 6 1,000,000
Level 7 10,000,000
Level 8 100,000,000
Level 9 1,000,000,000
Level 10 10,000,000,000

But here's the good part!
Let's assume each distributor orders only just $200.00 per month in products (yes, there are products, but we're talking how to make money now -- we'll get to the products later). That would mean that by level nine (remember, we're being conservative and not even counting level ten), your organization would be moving, well, thousands of millions of dollars in products! And even if 90% of all your distributors quit, you would still get a check for just over One-Gazillion dollars!

Need proof? Just take a look at my first month's check below! If you think signing up ten folks might be tough, ah contrary! FreeLunch has developed the simplest, most duplicatable recruiting system ever devised. There's no sign up fee, no kit to buy, no applications to fill out. All you have to do is tap your prospect on the shoulder and exclaim, "I dub thee a FreeLunch distributor!" That's all there is too it! With this system, you can personally recruit hundreds of people every day!!!

The FreeLunch International plan was designed by our top distributors for our top distributors. No accountants or attorneys were involved to complicate things. You will be amazed by the power of our super-mega-huge pay out. Yes, our plan pays a whopping 89%* which beats any plan out there. How? It's easy!

First you qualify for the rank of Peon which requires a monthly order of $100.00, $2,000.00 in non-encumbered group Peon volume (not counting those Peons who are pre-qualified, two-star Peons) and you must have at least five other Peons on your first level (three of which must not be personally sponsored). Next, you earn up to 10% down all odd numbered levels through infinity (stopping at level nine), not counting those which contain three-star Peons with less than $150.00 in MCV, by accumulating $4,000.00 in MGV (of which one-half must be unencumbered MCV). As a four-star Peon for six months, you qualify for the rank of Universal Master. By accumulating semi-weekly XQZV you can work your way up from Dirt Clod Universal Master to the rank of Zirconium Universal Master, then Nickel Universal Master, then Moon Rock Universal Master, and then ultimately to Platinum-With-Diamonds-In-It Universal Master!

Here's my first commission check!

That's all there is to it!

*Paid on the 5 CV applied to every $20 case of brownies sold.

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