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Leonard W. Clements

Leonard Wayne Clements
1572 Rock Island Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89110
(702) 914-1771 home/office
(702) 914-1770 fax

Executive Vice President of Client Strategies for YourSolutions.Net, LLC
February 2011 - Present
A technology provider serving the Direct Sales industry.

Vice President of Market Research for Zenza Life Sciences, LLC
October 2005 - March 2008
A health, nutrition and personal care based network marketing company.
Mutually agreed departure due to philosophical differences.

Co-Founder and CEO of Epic Network International, LLC.
May 2004 - June, 2005.
A health & nutrition based network marketing company.
Resigned for ethical reasons.

Publisher and Editor of MarketWave Alert Letter.
Industry "watchdog" newsletter focusing on MLM opportunity evaluation.
Published from January 1991 through December 1995 as MarketWave.
Published from December 1998 to present as Marketwave Alert Letter.
3,800 subscribers in 16 countries.

Author of Inside Network Marketing.
Educational book (172 pages).
Self published - June, 1994.
Published by Prima Publishing - May, 1995.
Published by Random House - April, 2001
Reacquired publishing rights - January, 2002

Publisher of It's Time - For Network Marketing
Educational/Promotional book (351 pages).
Self published - August, 2007.

Host of Inside Network Marketing, a one hour call-in radio show.
KSCO, 1080 am
Covered west/central California & streamed online.
April 2000 to February 2002

Conducts Inside Network Marketing seminars.
Four hour, generic, educational MLM presentation.
Over 150 presentations, from October 1990 to present.
United States, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and Russia.

Creator of Case Closed! The Whole Truth About Network Marketing.
Generic, 60 minute recruiting cassette tape. Best seller within the industry.
Writer, producer and speaker.

Creator of The Coming Network Marketing Boom!
Generic, 60 minute educational cassette tape.
Writer, producer and speaker.

Creator of The Only Qualifying Question You'll Ever Need.
Generic, 30 minute educational cassette tape.
Writer, editor and speaker.
Produced by Cutting Edge Media.

Network Marketing distributor.
1979 to 1980: Nature Slim
1989 to 1990: Charles J. Givens Organization
1991 to 1992: Nu Skin Internaitonal
1992 to 1993: Outback Secrets (Top Ten earner)
1994 to 1995: Beverly Hills International (Top Ten earner)
1995 to 2003: Longevity Network, LLC (#1 earner every year except '95 & '97)
2008 to 2009: Usana Health Sciences
2009 to Present: Yoli, LLC

Non-MLM Related Work Experience.

PC Time, Inc.
San Francisco, CA (1985-1991).
Owner and CEO.
Computer time rental and training facility.
Founded the first hourly computer rental facility in San Francisco
with only $25,000 in seed capital. Launched the company one month early
and 16% under budget. The company was profitable by its sixth month
and remained so until I sold my ownership share in August of 1991.

Dynamite Promotions, Inc.
Novato, CA (1979-1982).
Owner and CEO.
Marketing and Promotions company.
Provided marketing & promotion solutions to local businesses
involving barter arrangements. Founded and organized annual
"Super Roll" soapbox derby races where participants were sponsored
by local businesses in exchange for various promotional considerations.
I also introduced the concept of having bread companies donate
wrappers to major Bay Area newspapers to use on rainy days
(extensive, focused and inexpensive advertising for the
bread company, and free wrappers for the newspaper).
This concept is now practiced by publishers throughout the United States.

Interviewed by:

Dateline NBC
The Wall Street Journal
Forbes Magazine
New York Times
Fox News (KTTV-LA)
Los Angeles Business Journal
Topeka Journal, KS
Bloomberg News
Philadelphia Enquirer
Morning Call, PA
Black Entrepreneur Magazine
Income Opportunity Magazine
New Business Opportunities
Nutrition Business Journal
Upline Journal (industry trade journal)
Richard Poe (author of books Wave Three, and Wave Three Way)
WELW, Cleveland, OH, "Home-Based Business Show"
WBMW, Boston, MA, "Business Today Show"
WKXL, Boston, MA, "Financial Spectrum"
WXBY, Harrisburg, PA, "Bob Stafford Show"
WBAI, New York, NY, "You and Your Money"
KRCN, Longmont, CO, "Home Based Business Live"
KRCN, Longmont, CO, "Home Based Business Radio Show"
KSCO, Santa Cruz, CA, "Saturday Special"
KIEV, Los Angeles, CA, "Trends & Solutions"
KJYO, Oklahoma City, OK, "Home Business Show"
KLAV, Las Vegas, NV, "The Networking Show"
Internet Radio, WhiteSprings Media, "Home Based Business Show"
Appeared in "The Downline" (award winning independent film)

Magazines my articles have appeared in:

Money Maker's Monthly
MLM Insider
Cutting Edge Opportunities
Home Business Advertisor
Profit Now
Money & Profits
Network Opportunities
Network Marketing Lifestyles
Proactivity Digest
Networking Times

NWM Business Journal
Opportunity Connection
Upline Journal
Jackpot Monthly
Advantage Digest
MLM Solutions
The Network Trainer
Income Opportunities
New Business Opportunties

Featured Speaker:

ANMP Annual Conference (2009, 2012)
Breakthrough Telesummit (2011)
Authority Marketer Webinar Series (2011)
DSWA Executive Forum (2011)
MLM Prosperity Retreat (2011)
Network Marketing Mastermind Events (2003, 2005, 2007)
DSWA (Local Chapter-2008, 2009)
MLM University (national training call, 1999-present)
TGN National Coaching Calls (2001-present)
ANMP Weekly Training Calls (2009-present)
The Russian MLM Academy (keynote/training, 2005)
MLMIA Top Distributor Retreats (2007-2009)
ForeverGreen (2008 National Convention)
Matol Botanical (keynote, national convention, 2001, 2003)
Cell Tech (keynote, national convention, 2002)
Epiphany Source (faculty member, 2007-2008)
Network Marketing Millennium Cruise (featured speaker,1999)
MLMIA Weekly Tele-Classes (2006-2008)
Annual Network Marketing Symposium.
Isagenix (distributor training, 2003, 2006)
ProStep, Inc. (national training call).
Outback Secrets Int. (national launch meeting).
Beverly Hills International (national distributor training).
Longevity Network (national convention, 1997, 1998). (featured "Leader", 2000-2001)
Oxyfresh (regional training, 2002)
Unicity (national training call, 2002)
Make It Happen training Calls (2002-2004) training calls (2004)

Awards, Honors and Distinctions:

"Power 50" (Most influential) - #42, 2011, Direct Selling Live
"Best of the Best" Award Nomination - 2011, MLMIA
"Best of the Best" Award Nomination - 2010,MLMIA
"Top 5 Best Generic Trainers" - 2010, 2011
"Best Article" - December, 2008, Network Marketing Business School
"52 Brightest Minds in Network Markerting" - 2007,
"Visionary Award" - Longevity Network.
"Men of Distinction" - 1998, 99, 2000 Int. Network Marketing Directory.
"Best MLM Author" - 1997 MLM Insider Magazine.
"Best Compensation Plan Consultant" - 1996 MLM Insider Magazine.

Association Memberships:

Member - Mensa Society (155 IQ)
Board Member - Assoc. of Nertwork Marketing Professionals (ANMP)
[Chairman - Education & Training Committee]
Member - Direct Selling Woman's Alliance (DSWA)
Board Member (2004-08) - Multilevel Marketing International Assoc. (MLMIA)
Member - National Association for the Self Employed (NASE)
Member - Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI)
Member - James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)

Corporate Consulting Clients:

Trump Network
New Vision
Bethany College
Cell Tech
Outback Secrets
LaBrada Systems
The Coffee Baron
Meridian Wellness
Diamond Falcon
Lois Yee Cosmetics
Total Link
Real Vision
Life Works
Heritage Health Products
Bella Homes
Full Life (Nexagen)
Cooking With Monkey
Wealth Masters
Pure Now
Franklin Quest
Golden Gate Capital
Bain & Co.
Versa Capital Management
Taconic Capital Advisors
Irving Place Capital
Tiger Global
Third Point LLC
Hawkshaw Capital Management
Invus Group
Swander Pace Capital
Magnetar Capital
ZBS Radio Network
United Feelings (Finland)
Summertime Cosmetics (Mexico)
NAPA, Inc.
Move My Net Worth
Thrive, LLC
Lucky Strike
Parago (Beget)
EMC, Inc. (Infinity Media)
AVAR Living

Previous Requests and Designations as Expert Witness:

People vs. Gold Unlimited (via third party representative).
Declined for ethical reasons.

Action by Fresno District Attorney against representative of Marathon
Declined for ethical reasons.

Heritage Health Products (defendant) in action by Distributor.
Declined to participate.

Various Distributors vs. Equinox International.
Illegal Pyramid.
Participated in three separate cases on behalf of the plaintiff.

Action by Longevity Network against ex-training director.
Wrongful Termination.
Participated on behalf of the plaintiff.

Action by distributor against Cell Tech
Testified as to Damages.
Participated on behalf of defendant.

Action by Longevity Network against American Longevity
Trademark Infringement/Damages.
Participated on behalf of the plaintiff.

Action by distributor against Starlight International.
Wrongful Termination/Damages.
Participated on behalf of the plaintiff.

XanGo vs. New Vision
Patent infringement.
Participated on behalf of the defendant.

Action by distributor against Tahitian Noni International.
Wrongful Termination/Damages.
Participated on behalf of the plaintiff.

Action by IRS & US Postal Inspection Service vs. Michael Cooper (The Tax People).
Testified as Witness for the Prosecution.
Participated as consultant for the Prosecution.

Action by distributor against Tahitian Noni International.
Wrongful Termination/Damages.
Participated on behalf of the plaintiff.

Action by distributor vs. American Communications Network (ACN).
Wrongful Termination/Damages
Participated on behalf of the plaintiff.

Action by AmeriPlan vs. ex-Distributor.
Breach of Contract/Tortious Interference
Participated on behalf of the plaintiff.


   Leonard Clements was born and raised in San Anselmo, CA. just north of San Francisco. He attended Sir Francis Drake High School where he graduated with honors while finishing in the top 10% in the nation in mathematics. After attending one year of college he decided to "take a semester off." Six years later he returned to earn his degree in Business Data Processing.

   Len's MLM career began in 1979 with a health and nutrition company which, six months later (the same week that he gave notice at his job) went out of business. Len did get his job back, but that swift feeling of success had lit the entrepreneurial fire within him (or, as his one and only "boss" told him, made him "psychologically unemployable").

  After a short stint with two other failed MLM companies, he decided to go the conventional route and opened a computer training facility in downtown San Francisco. After six profitable years of business (despite numerous thefts, car break-ins, a drug raid on an adjoining business, a suicide outside the front door, two drive-by shootings, and a major earthquake), Len had had enough of "The City."

  Len spent a full year doing his homework before reentering the MLM arena, and soon discovered that there was a ready and willing market for that same knowledge. He held his first Facts & Myths Of MLM seminar in his computer classroom in September of 1990. Those seminars were a success and soon became a twice monthly event, each time selling out the room. By popular demand of those seminar attendees, MarketWave the newsletter was born in January of 1991.

  A prestigious business research and consulting firm in the area was investigating the idea of adding network marketing to their list of "low risk" business opportunities to offer their clients. Len was brought on board as their Senior Market Analyst, and within weeks a separate, entirely MLM-focused division was created called MarketWave. Later that year Len sold his computer business and purchased MarketWave outright.

  MarketWave has remained an unaffiliated, objective information clearing house for the network marketing industry ever since. Len routinely puts in 50-60 hour work weeks writing his newsletter, providing telephone consulting, and conducting his Facts & Myths seminars (now called "Inside Secrets of Network Marketing") and various other presentations throughout the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea and Russia. During this time, Len also authored the controversial book Inside Network Marketing (nationally published by Prima, a division of Random House), an objective, no-holds-barred, insider's look at the MLM industry. He is also the author and producer of the best selling cassette tape Case Closed! The Whole Truth About Network Marketing, which he designed specifically for skeptical or prejudice "outer circle" prospects.

  Len's MarketWave Newsletter, which originally started out as just a part-time hobby, grew over this time into a full time business serving over 1,800 clients in 14 countries. Deemed the "Consumer's Report" of multilevel marketing, MarketWave reviewed and rated MLM opportunities and exposed the various schemes and scams. The newsletter was sold in December of 1995 and renamed Profit Now (Profit Now discontinued publication in September of 1998). In January of 1999 Len resurrected his newsletter under the title MarketWave Alert Letter.

  While there was a great deal of gratification working for the network marketing industry, Len realized that the residual income he sought was in the industry. He returned to the field in 1995 where he eventually became the #1 distributor with the network marketing company he chose, and eventually went on to pursue a corporate career within the industry (but has since regained his sanity and returned to the field as a distributor). Len fully intends to continue his duties as one of the "watchdogs" of network marketing.

  Len currently resides in Las Vegas, NV


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